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Grass-N-Pave combines the modular paving slab with the benefits of artificial turf. Now you can create endless patterns of unique green spaces on your terraces and roof tops with optimal creativity and NO WATER.

What is it?

Grass-n-Pave uses artificial Grass that are cut into strips and adhered to concrete slab pavers. A special adhesive is used to lock the artificial grass into channels that are set into the concrete paver slab during the manufacturing process. To assist in placement and permeability the units have small lugs on the side that allow water to flow through for permeability. The weight of the concrete ensures stability and strength while the specially designed Grass-npave modules maximize the creativity for the end user.

Become a Producer

Interested in becoming a producer of Grass-n-Pave? If you are currently producing concrete slabs or pavers in the wet-cast or dry-cast industry, or you’re simply interested in a great product with amazing potential, learn more about becoming a producer of Grass-n-Pave today. No Royalties - No Territories - Patent Pending.

Product Benefits

The Benefits of the using modular grass-n-pave are simply undeniable. From the cost and labor of lawn maintenance to the widely discussed heat island effects in major city centers, there are countless benefits that make Grass-n-Pave the right choice for your project.

  •  No Watering
  •  Modularized Units
  •  Long Lasting
  •  Simple Installation
  •  User-Friendly
Product Sizes:

Full Grass: 24” x 24” x 2”
Border Grass: 24” x 24” x 2”
Grass Blade Size: 3/4” x 1/8”
  •  Reusable Product
  •  Spacers for Permeability
  •  No Pesticides Needed
  •  No Maintenance
  •  Endless Patterns
Please Note:

Check with your local supplier for exact product measurements and specifications.


Urban Landscapes
Pool Decks
Golf Greens


Product Perks

Reduces Water Consumption

A typical lawn of 1,800 square feet can require 56,000 gallons of water for maintenance each year. Reducing water consumption is good for your wallet and for the environment.

No Pesticides Needed

Did you know that synthetic turf eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing product maintenance costs.

Increasing Albedo

Did you know that an increase in albedo, a measure for reflectance or optical brightness, can significantly reduce the daytime high surface temperature in summer.

A Revolutionary Product

By combining synthetic turf and albedo and we have created a revolutionary product that looks amazing and allows you to create spaces to enjoy what matters in life.

Design Ideas

Need some inspiration or design ideas? Look no further. We have come up with enough patterns and creative plans to keep your interest for many, many projects. Check out the below gallery to see some examples!